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Indian Valley


It is estimated that Indian Vallery in Plumas County, CA., was inhabited by the Maidu people for 10,000 years. It was then and is still a beautiful valley, surrounded by lush forests and flowing rivers. Pioneer Peter Lassen was the first white man to see its beauty. The Gold Rush caused the first population boom, and towns sprang up around the valley. Huge copper finds, in later years, increased the valley's population once again and brought in the railroad. After the mining started t fade there were many farmers, ranchers, and loggers working to replace the jobs lost from the mines closing. Today Indian Valley is home to several picturesque towns such as Taylorsville, Greenville, and Crescent Mills. Author Richard McCutcheon is a fourth generation resident of Indian Valley and has compiled hundreds of images from local museums and private collections in this overview of the valley's colorful history. Paperbound: 127 pages: 6.5 x 9.25"