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Massacre of Innocents

Massacre of Innocents


In this book, authors Loren Abbey and Pamela Zibura chronicle the notorious 1952 murders of local Chester, California businessman Guard Young and three of his young children and a neighbor boy after they are carjacked, robbed, and savagely bludgeoned outside the town of Chester by the Mountain Murder Mob. Led by felon Jack Santo, the Mountain Murder Mob was responsible for several other murders as well, and this book follows this deadly rampage up, down, and through the Golden State - from the gritty back alleyways of the Los Angeles suburbs to the forested foothills of the Northern Sierra - chronicling this gang of ruthless killers who plied their murderous trade by preying on society's most vulnerable citizens. The result of six years of hard work and detailed research, this book is the most meticulously researched account of the events that has ever been published on this subject; how and why it happened, the events that led up to it and then, followed to its conclusion. A thorough look into a dark chapter of Plumas County history. Illustrated with nine pages of b/w photos. Paperbound: 341 pages: 6 x 9"