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A Vast and Open Plain

A Vast and Open Plain


Scholar, writer, teacher, cultural commentator, public radio personality, and historical impersonator (best known for his performances as Thomas Jefferson) Clay Jenkinson, gives us one of the State Historical Society of North Dakota's most significant contributions to the bicentennial observation of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. This book is an essential text for all of those who are captivated by the drama of Lewis and Clark and their exploration of the American West. This edition presents chronologically the writings - journal entries, reports, and letters - of not only Meriwether Lewis and William Clark, but alos fellow expedition members Patrick Gass, Joseph Whitehouse, and John Ordway, which allows readers to explore the 215 days the Corps of Discovery spent in what is now North Dakota from several perspectives. The text is beautifully enhanced by nearly a hundred black and white and color images, bringing alive the people, activities, culture, and landscape along the Upper Missouri. Ten original maps provide a helpful illustration of the corp's itinerary, showing the location of every campsite on the outgoing and return trips. A must have for the western history buff. Weighs over 4 pounds! Well illustrated. Hardcover w/ dustjacket: 594 pages: 9 x 10.25"