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Nevada Drug Store Bottles

Nevada Drug Store Bottles


Bottle expert and collector Fred Holabird gives us another extraordinary book in this second volume of his Nevada Bottle Book series. Focusing on drug store bottles from Nevada, this book is chock full of color advertising, pictures of towns, bottles, and ephemera of all types. If it happened in Nevada or is related to anything in Nevada during its growing period from 1859 onward, there is something about it in this book. Covering everything from pharacology to mining and glass manufacturing on the west coast, to hundreds of bottles, this book is not only a feast for the eyes, but is also a feast for the mind and soul. Like volume I in the series, this book not only presents hundreds of bottles and other associated ephemera, but dives deeper into the importance and historical significance of the Silver State and clearly shows the love of the subject that Fred Holabird has for the subject. The overall layout and picture quality is first class with tokens, maps, and any and everything Nevada sprawled out so life like that it looks almost like you can pick up a token or old photograph. This massive undertaking (between the two books combined, there is nearly 40 years of work) is another gorgeously illustrated volume that would be right at home on anybody's shelf. Profusely illustrated throughout in b/w and color. Hardbound: 480 pages: 8.75 x 11.25"