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Ishi's Return Home

Ishi's Return Home
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In this book Ishi chronicler Richard Burrill has once again combined archival and field research to shed new light on the life and times of Ishi, the "Last of the Yahi." This time the topic is the "1914 Anthropological Expedition," an investigative trip into Ishi's Yahi homeland. Journey with Alfred Kroeber, Thomas Waterman, Saxton Pope, and others, as they travel with Ishi back into the wilderness of his Yahi youth. Chapter by chapter you will explore the secrets of the Tehama County outback guided Ishi, the indispensible interpreter of all things Yahi. Through Ishi learn how to live in the woods and survive, and learn the many secrets that he shared. This journey not only reveals the haunting landscape in which Ishi lived but reveals the human character of Ishi as well. This narrative recalls Ishi at his best. Profusely illustrated. Paperbound: 350 pages: 8.5 x 11"