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Legendary Truths

Legendary Truths


Reading the history of California and the gold rush, one continually encounters historic discrepancies and contradictions, especially about the character and ability of Peter Lassen, a prominent California pioneer, for whom the Lassen Trail, Lassen Peak, and Lassen Volcanic National Park were named. While prominent pioneers and military officers sought his company, advice, and guidance, others, including some disillusioned, trail-worn Argonauts and even some historians, denounced him and his achievements. Working as a Park Ranger and historian at Lassen National Park, Ken Johnston's curiosity was piqued and continued through twenty years of research that has led to this fascinating account of the life and legacy of Peter Lassen. It is a book not only for history buffs - it appeals to everyone who might have just the slightest interest in the old days. B/W illustrations and maps. Softbound: 325 pages: 6 x 9"