Gifts / Souvenirs Plumas County Sesquicentennial Coin

Plumas County Sesquicentennial Coin

Plumas County Sesquicentennial Coin


This Sesquicentennial Coin was designed by Patrick Cook of Graeagle for the 150th anniversary of Plumas County in 2004. Privately minted for us by the Marshall Mint & Museum in Virginia City, NV., the front of this double-sided coin features a sun rising over the natural beauty of the Sierra Nevada, while the obverse of the coin has symbols representing Plumas County: A pick and shovel represents gold mining, a U.S. flag designates our part in the Union, and a golden feather represents our County name, "Plumas, " which is Spanish for feather. Each coin comes sealed in a protective plastic casing which completely seals the coin and a black storage box bearing the Plumas County seal. This coin makes a great souvenir of your time spent in the golden richness of Plumas County and also makes a great gift! Comes with Certificate of Authenticity. Mirrored-finsh. 1.75" in diameter in a 3 x3" presentation box.