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Saga of a Mountain Meadow

Saga of a Mountain Meadow


In this book by Scott J. Lawson, you will meet early-day entrepreneurs Horace Bucklin, Francis Walker, and Jesse Healy, a veteran of the 1837 Patriotic Warof Canada and a '49er turned hotel-operator; Richard and Maggie Fairchild, early developers of Bucks Ranch and later steamship owners, and Julia Haley and William Wagner, whose long partnership took Buck Ranch to its zenith. Follow the campers, vacationers, and cattle ranchers who before the construction of the dam and inundation of Bucks Valley, enjoyed its peaceful meadows. Finally, witness the creation of Bucks Lake and the development of the lodges, cabins, and recreational facilities that so many enjoy today. Over 180 vintage B&W photos portray the changes and development during the past 150 years. One of our bestsellers! Paperbound: 100 pages: 7 x 10"